Gait Analysis (FHT Accredited)


A great addition to your massage or fitness skills.  If you see a lot of runners in your clinic, this course is perfect for you to establish if injury, tension or weakness is actually caused by poor running form or foot biomechanics. You will learn a series of muscle tests, foot posture index and hip firing patterns to investigate problem areas.  You will use a treadmill to assess barefoot walking technique and then running form, analysing the relationship between lower and upper body alignment and then be able to offer advice on running technique with stretching and strengthening of specific muscles.

  • – Anatomy of the running shoe
  • – Risk factors to running
  • – Biomechanics of the foot
  • – Tests and exercises for muscle strength and weakness
  •  – The gait cycle
  • – Gait analysis using a treadmill and video recording
  • – Lunch
  • – Pens & paper
  • – iPad/Tablet/Phone for recording
  • – Sportswear (and shorts)
  • – Couch cover / towel
    Practical observations during the day.

11th July 2024

    09:00 – 16:30

1 day


Old School Business Centre
Church Drive

Interest in running and how to prevent/manage injuries

  • – Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy
  • – One day CPD workshops with Pressure Point
  • – 4 Day Acupuncture Course for Sports Injuries
  • Click here for Course Timetable

Clare Riddell – BSc.Hons PGCE.HCert.SAL

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11th July 2024